Monday, January 28, 2013

Drum Solo and Stuff

This is my drum solo I worked on for the 2012 Guitar Center Drum Off competition.  It got me 1st place in the preliminary round.  The other video is a hip hop jam using my bells and electric kit.

Tongue Drum

One of my new favorite instruments is the Tongue Drum.  I purchased my tongue drum from Steve Roberts ( and it is tuned to F minor Pentatonic.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

CounterPoint Culture Videos

These videos are from our House of Blues show Oct 30th 2012

Drum Cover Videos

Here are some of my favorite Drum Covers I have recorded over the years.  1) Thirsting For More - ASG.  2) Gangsta - TuneYards  3) Take the Sun Away - Pretty Lights  4) Day Dreamin - Lupe Fiasco  5) GWARN! - Pato Banton  6) Vikingman - Rodrigo y Gabriella  7) Super Mario Brothers Theme Song  8) Barbra Streisand - Ducksauce